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  • Invito_700

    Asia: from Vietnam to world’s factory

    Sixth Conference: "Asia, from Vietnam to world's factory" Monday, October 2nd 2017, h 21. Auditorium Radio Popolare Speakers: Gabriele Battaglia (journalist - Radio Popolare) and Emanuele Giordana (blogger, writer - Lettera22) Moderator: Chawki Senouci (Editor-in-chief Foreign Affairs - Radio Popolare)

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  • Eco-ilhas Mozambico Icei

    ECO-ILHAS: introducing Synthropic Agriculture in Mozambique

    In Mozambique, ICEI is implementing for the second year the project ECO-ILHAS for the safeguard of the environment and the maintenance of biodiversity in a protected costal area. The project, financed by the Italian Agency for Development Aid (AICS) is aimed at increasing and ensuring the future availability of food

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  • DSC03532 (2)

    ECO-ILHAS: Rural Resources Management Committies have been created

    In the Puzugu, Pele Pele and Cutale communities, 540 inhabitants (417 men an 123 women) have been involved in activities to raise their awarness about the importance of Committies for the preservation, control and correct management of Natural Resources, also comparing similar successful case studies implemented in other areas of

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  • ribbon cut

    SRI-BIZ & SRI-ECO: In Sri Lanka for the production and trade of spices

    In Sri Lanka, thanks to the positive experience gained from joint work between ICEI and OVERSEAS organizations, Ecowave is a social enterprise that operates in the remote areas of the central and eastern province of the country, which mainly deals with sustainable agriculture and the promotion of Responsible tourism, with

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  • Invito_4 settembre UE_Brexit

    Europe, from Cold War to Brexit

    Monday September 4th 2017, h 21, at Auditorium - Radio Popolare. Fifth conference of round meeting "From Cold War to Globalisation: 40 years of international politics narrated by ICEI and Radio Popolare".

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