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  • INVITO_Gli Stati Uniti da Reagam a Trump_ICEI_web

    The United States from Reagan to Trump

    Monday 15th May, 9 PM, at Radio Popolare Auditorium, second conference from the series "From the Cold War to Globalization: 40 years of foreign policy told by ICEI and Radio Popolare".

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  • 17522153_10212791375967999_693587837_o

    BY-ME: the project is closed after 18 month of research and activities

    The BY-ME – Boosting young Migrants’ participation in European cities project activities were closed with an international workshop in Brussels (22-23 March 2017), aimed to report the results of the project to the EU institutions, in the presence of international stakeholders.

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  • NopeTrump

    From Cold War to Globalization: 40 years of foreign politics

    Today instability is not the result of ideological clashes, but of the inaction of politics who cannot imagine a new order, and much less put it into practice. The main difference with the past is the exponential growth of civil society and media, yet democracy is in recess.

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  • _DSC6060

    Mozambique: the Eco Ilhas activities

    The Eco-Ilhas project field activities began indeed in April 2016 with the opening of the Pebane headquarters. The beneficiary communities involved so far outside of Pebane, just over a year since the beginning, are those of Seregula, Lulane, Namanla, Cutale, Santalaia, Puzugu.

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  • YEP: new website online

    Finally the new website for YEP – Young Enterprise Program is online. It includes the projects dedicated to youth entrepreneurship in Italy and Europe.

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