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  • MILE: published the European research

    A new concrete result  achieve d within the european project    MILE - Migrants Integration in the Labour market in Europe, co-financed by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF). MILE - Migrants Integration in the Labour market in Europe aims to develop, implement and mainstream an effective model of integrated services

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  • icei myanmar inle lake turismo sostenibile turismo responsabile turismo comunitario

    Responsible Tourism: Community Based Tourism in Myanmar

    Around the Inle Lake, one of the most suggestive area of Myanmar, we are promoting our activities on responsible tourism. Our main actions are implemented in Samkar. Here, ICEI started a project on Community Based Tourism (CBT) two years ago. Thanks to our activities based on responsible toursim, we are

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  • solidarietà colomba nota icei


    The government experience that has just ended has not been positive for the Third Sector in general and for the world of Development Cooperation in particular. Together with an aggressive and indiscriminate rhetoric against the NGOs, identified as "guilty" of being accomplices of the traffickers of people operating in the

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  • Anti-rumours to prevent hate speech

    Why preventing hate speech is so important? Because the way we communicate could strongly influence the way we relate with each other and because words could hurt. Within our projects on educational interventions, we promote the Anti-rumours Strategy supported by the Council of Europe. Enhancing the widespread of this approach

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  • ICEI Mozambico FORESTE riforestazione

    Reforestation and awareness: fighting forest degradation in Mozambique

    Deforestation and forest degradation are among the main problems in Mozambique. This problem affects also in the District of Mocubela, in Zambezia, where we work with the FORESTE project. In fact, itinerant agriculture and the excessive exploitation of forest resources (including timber) in a non-sustainable way, together with uncontrolled forest

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