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The short edition of the Antirumours Handbook in Italian is available!

We are glad to inform you that we have published a short version of the Antirumours Handbook in Italian, translated and edited by ICEI!

It is an adaptation of the ”Antirumours Handbook” (2018) conceived by Daniel De Torres Barderi, trainer and founder of the Antirumours Strategy.

The AR strategy  was launched in Barcelona in 2010 and it was then promoted and relaunched by the Council of Europe in more than 50 cities. More recently, this strategy has also roused the interest of several city administrators, institutions and organizations from extra-European countries such as: Japan, Canada, Mexico, Jordan, Morocco and Chile.

The Handbok on Anti-rumours Strategy – that was developed building upon the guide “Cities Free from Rumours” published by the Council of Europe in 2015 – includes a systematization of AR approach and  methodology, based on the outcomes achieved so far.

In addition, the handbook provides some practical examples  to the benefit of stakeholders as well as of cities willing to analyze in-depth the contents of the strategy and its actual implementation.

Based on this methodology ICEI is starting an experimentation of the antirumours approach in several Italian schools, under the Global Citizenship Education project #ioRispetto, and is working with some municipalities to identify actions that could be to be implemented to fight prejudice and stereotypes  and to stop the rumours spiral.

More info at  http://bit.ly/ioRispetto

The recently published short edition of the Antirumours Handbook in Italian is available  at  https://bit.ly/2M7eSbK

The full-length version (in English), together with other useful papers, is available at  http://bit.ly/2MoGvgF

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