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20th June: World Refugee Day


Today   the World  Refugee Day is celebrated worldwile . Why this day? Because   with the Resolution 55/76 – approved on the 4th December 2000, on the 50° years anniversary of the Convention on refugees status (1951)  – the UN  General Assembly decided  to   increase their efforts  to reach a stronger and long-lasting peace and sustainability  , thus  trying to guarantee  a   higher   safety to refugees.

Globally, 25.4 million of people are refugees and  half of them are women or young girls, while  half of the total refugees worldwile are minors.

Nevertheless, the total number of people   caused to flee   is more than 70 millions,  according to the UNHCR Global Trends report.

This  number (70.8 millions  of people)  includes  refugees  (people caused to flee and leave their country due to  wars or persecutions), asylum seekers (people who are  under  humanitarian protection while are waiting for their  applications’ final  results), and  the so-called internal displaced persons. The last one is the bigger group: 41.3 millions  of people  globally.

We truly believe on intercultural intergration and on   diversity advantage and we strongly consider human rights and respect fo all, for every human being as the core point for  societies  willing to be truly inclusive and  equal.  As a matter of fact, local politics  have a crucial role on this and can   take action to  give value to the diversities that are part of our  societies.

This video of the Intercultural Cities Programme of the Council of Europe shows us why the recognition and the valorization of diversities is crucial in the intercultural approach

📺 Watch the video!
👉 Long version ▶️ https://vimeo.com/340198046
👉 Short version ▶️ https://vimeo.com/340200427

Discover more about our project on social and economic inclusion for third-countries-nationals: MILE – Migrants Integration in the Labour Market in Europe




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