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Anti-rumours to prevent hate speech


Why preventing hate speech is so important?

Because the way we communicate could strongly influence the way we relate with each other and because words could hurt.
Within our projects on educational interventions, we promote the Anti-rumours Strategy supported by the Council of Europe.
Enhancing the widespread of this approach means avoid to point an accusing finger at people using communicative dynamics potentially offensive: all of us could somehow “foment rumours” and this happens because stereotypes and prejudices constantly influence our daily life.
At the same time, by the way, we could all be victims of rumours.

antirumours icei

Nowadays, in our societies is quite frequent to face violent, offentive and unscrupulous communication dynamics and this language is also quite often “normalised” within the public arena . We strongly belive in the importance of a deep reflection on the way rumours, stereotypes and prejudices have an impact on us and on how they could influence the way we relate with each other and with those we consider diverse

Promote an Anti-rumours Strategy means to concentrate the efforts at the very basis of the hate pyramid, where offensive gossips, slanders, insinuations take root. All these rumours apparently seem less dangerous and daring but they are not. In fact, rumours prelude hate speech and could deeply alterate our feelings and perceptions and lead to (potentially) discriminatory acts.

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What have we done so far? 👉 http://bit.ly/Anti-rumours-ICEI

Read the Anti-rumours Handbook 👉 https://www.coe.int/en/web/interculturalcities/anti-rumours

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