• It’s time to go back to school!

    All over Italy it’s time to go back to school! We wish everyone a new school year … free of rumours! Even stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination can be contagious!
    Discover the handbook “L’Antirumours a scuola”, edited by ICEI

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  • training soft skills

    LIFE.MI training activities start again!

    After the period of suspension due to Covid-19, the training activities of LIFE.MI with young refugees and asylum seekers restart.

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  • Cities of Dialogue Network ICEI Città del Dialogo meeting

    Cities of Dialogue: perspectives beyond the emergency

    The online meeting of the Italian Network of Cities of Dialogue took place yesterday afternoon.

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  • The project MILE so far: supporting the integration of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in the labour market

    MILE aims to develop, implement and mainstream an effective model for the integration of Third-Country Nationals into the labour market, based on multi-stakeholder cooperation and focusing on both employers and migrants’ needs.

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  • icei mozambico

    Work with us – Agronomist Mozambique

    As Agronomist – Technical and project manager, the candidate will be responsible for direct management of the activities related to planting Agroforestry Systems by an Syntropic Agriculture approach under the projects of the programme of ICEI Mozambique

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  • Farming in Sri Lanka: biological spices and rice to the small entrepreneurs

    With the SRI-PROM project in Sri Lanka we are working with the local rural communities in the Ampara, Monaragala, Badulla and Kandy Districts to ensure the realization of eco-friendly farming industries; they will guarantee an high and long-lasting profitability to the small farmers.

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  • Haifa ICEI Città del dialogo

    ICEI visits Haifa, an intercultural city

    The 23rd and the 24th of October, the city of Haifa (Israel) hosted a study visit for the cities of the Intercultural Cities Programme, promoted by the Council of Europe, whose aim is to valorise the diversity in the intercultural   cities of the world.
    ICEI took part in the meeting as coordinator of the Italian Network of “Città del Dialogo”, part of the ICC programme.

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  • MILE: published the European research

    A new concrete result  achieve d within the european project    MILE – Migrants Integration in the Labour market in Europe, co-financed by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF).
    MILE – Migrants Integration in the Labour market in Europe aims to develop, implement and mainstream an effective model of integrated services for the inclusion of Third-Country Nationals in the labour market, based on multi-sectorial competences,  involving employers and varios stakeholders.

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  • icei myanmar inle lake turismo sostenibile turismo responsabile turismo comunitario

    Responsible Tourism: Community Based Tourism in Myanmar

    Around the Inle Lake, one of the most suggestive area of Myanmar, we are promoting our activities on responsible tourism. Our main actions are implemented in Samkar. Here, ICEI started a project on Community Based Tourism (CBT) two years ago.

    Thanks to our activities based on responsible toursim, we are supporting Samkar local communities as well as people from other villages of the area. We are working with them to create new turistic products aiming to wide and increase families’ incomes and thus involving all the communities of beneficiaries. Moreover, we promote the natural and cultural heritage of this area, through the valorization of its material and immaterial richness. In order to do so, we collaborate closely with many private bodies, public institutions and associations to put into practice new local policies to manage natural and cultural resources in a more participative and sustainable way.
    Listen directly to the protagonists of our projects!

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  • solidarietà colomba nota icei


    The government experience that has just ended has not been positive for the Third Sector in general and for the world of Development Cooperation in particular.
    Together with an aggressive and indiscriminate rhetoric against the NGOs, identified as “guilty” of being accomplices of the traffickers of people operating in the Mediterranean, there has been also  the emptying of the foreseen funds for the cooperation and the growing uncertainty for the whole sector. The reform voted in the previous Legislature proceeds with heavy and guilty delays. There are still no implementing decrees that definitively establish the methods of transformation of thousands of associations, foundations and cooperatives involved in the reform.

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