Sustainable development of tourism between Lombardy, Ecuador and Peru

Migrants as transnational resources for the sustainable development of tourism in Lombardy and the cross-border area between Ecuador and Peru.

icon-home Country: Peru, Ecuador, Italy
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icon-group Partners: COPEI – Coordinamento Professionisti Imprenditori Peruviani e Andini in Italia, ACOFAPE – Asociación Coordinadora de Familiares de Peruanos Migrantes en Europa, [cofunding: Gobierno regional de Lambayeque (Peru) – Gobierno regional de Tumbes (Peru)
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The regions of Lambayeque y Tumbes have a first-class archeological heritage, but they are not reached by massive tourist flows to Peru.
The capacity to valorize the local cultural potential to create an alternative tourist offer  is also weak .
In Italy, migrants and their associations strongly feel the need  to valorize their own identity and culture, their country, but have a hard time to find  opportunities  and ways to become protagonists in the process of creating a transnational society and active in the promotion of their country of origin.

Promoting the local development of the regions of Lambayeque and Tumbes (Peru) by strengthening local competences in responsible tourism, supporting the creation of micro-businesses in the tourist sector and developing a regional network of responsible tourism (Ecuador- Peru), involving the Peruvian community in Lombardy to reinforce the networks of diaspora and to promote tourism in their country of origin.

The project provided training to youths and families in the regions of Lambayeque and Tumbes (Peru) and Huaquillas (Ecuador) to start microbusinesses of community-based and sustainable tourism. Regional officers were also involved in training on community-based tourism and the design of local development policies. In addition, the employees in tourist firms of the regiones of Lambayeque and Tumbes (Peru) and Huaquillas (Ecuador) benefitted from the promotion of the tourism offer in their regions.
In Europe: 3 associations of families of Andean migrants  in Europe (Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia) have been supported to reinforce the transnational network of families of migrants for co-development. A Milano, 10 migranti peruviani saranno formati per la definizione e creazione di un itinerario di turismo urbano a Milano e supportati nella sua gestione e realizzazione.

20 youths of the region of Lambayeque and Tumbes have been trained as expert guides in community-based tourism and 20 families were sensibilized (mostly women involved) in responsible tourism and welcoming standards.
The project also included training on responsible tourism for  30 migrants, who were also advised to invest in their communities of origin.
500 online users  were informed on the tourist offer in the regions of Lambayeque and Tumbes as well as on the activities of the Peruvian community of the province of Milan in the area of sustainable tourism An online reportage was realized on the issue “Peru in Milan”  and on urban tourism as a tool for local development, reaching over 3,000 people.
200 professionals of the tourism industry in the regions of Lambayeque and Tumbes benefitted from a large-scale promotion of tourist offer in their regions (website, fairs, Italian circuit of responsible tourism …)