ICEI Program in Mozambique addresses the following topics and interventions:

  • food and nutrition security declined through the improvement of local food systems;
  • the ecological intensification of agriculture;
  • support for agricultural research, support services, organizations of small rural producers and the involvement of the private sector in an investment perspective
  • the experimentation of Syntropic Agriculture (AS): a new concept of agriculture that works in total harmony with nature and allows to drastically reduce the spaces used, reversing the process of degradation of soils and water resources (more information here)

At present the program is made of the following projects:

  1. ECO-ILHAS – Environmental protection and conservation of biodiversity in a marine-coastal protected area.
  2. FORESTE: Fortalecimento para Organizações rurais REsilientes e Sistemas Territoriais Ecologicamente sustentáveis / Strengthening of the resilience of environmentally sustainable Rural Organizations and Territorial Systems
  4. S.A.C.R.A. – Agricultural Development for Resilient and Self-Reliant Communities in Zambezia
  5. Sustainable agriculture, fish farming and nutrition for the communities of Zambezia

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