In our multiannual experience of development projects and research, we have established some points that are now the landmarks of our action. We are firmly committed to these values that set the frame of any action of ours.

Quality and specialization
ICEI has always focused on quality rather than quantity. In addressing issues, we favour specialization rather than multi-professionalism: while we do work in emergency , we intervene in post-emergency rehabilitation and development, customizing our action sectors according to geographical contexts. Finally, our approach is concerned for rights, notably citizenship rights, the right to work, to cultural diversity and to peaceful coexistence.

Local partners
We prefer working with multiple partnerships to assure the widest possible representation of the social contexts where we are operating, and taking into account the variety and diversity of interests of each concerned actor. Our local partners are often small civic associations which are empowered by our actions; we get them to work with public authorities (both local and national, academies, private actors both profit and non-profit (cooperatives), and other civic actors.

ICEI strives to assure that our projects start processes that are sustainable in time, at every level: environmental, social and financial. Our approach is committed to ensure both the preservation of the environment we live in and implement our actions , and a correct relationship between humans and nature. In our projects, actions are always agreed with local actors (populations, beneficiaries, institutions). In addition, in order to be a true catalyst of enduring development processes, any project must include since the beginning the bases for the economic sustainability of planned actions. We believe that an economic approach to development, though integrated in a logic of strong social impact, is a key prerequisite.

Respect for and valorization of cultural diversity both in Italy and the countries where we operate is also a prerequisite for us. In our actions, we are always committed to favor social integration based on deep respect for the different cultural identities that interact locally. This enables us to intervene in processes related to multicultural coexistence in Italy, as well as in addressing migration processes and cases of racial, ethnic, religious or gender discrimination. This approach also favors the protection of the rights of minorities and, more generally, of vulnerable people.

Excellence and innovation
Our option is to address few issues, but in an authoritative way. We strive to get excellence to be inherent in the method that we have developed, with the features illustrated above, and that we are committed to apply in every action we undertake. Excellence is also found in some product or process innovation that ICEI has accompanied, such as a patented original formula for a liquid biofertilizer for rice, with excellent yield and economic characteristics. The biofertilizer is just one of the results achieved by including in our projects a component of research , developed in collaboration with academic scientists both in Italy and abroad. Other achievements are due to collaboration with firms engaged in developing, together with us, innovative applications: such is the case for a phytodepuration plant for a dairy unit established in Sri Lanka, the first of this kind in the country, that is now an example to be studied and replicated in many industries – not just dairy – of the island.