Due to major geopolitical chaos, the destinations of international tourist flows have reduced in recent years. In many countries (Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Kenya) tourist arrivals collapsed due to terrorism threats or ongoing conflicts. Tourism therefore appears an extremely volatile industry, too exposed to political and environmental variables. While mass tourism is blamed for not creating development in the countries where it is practiced, international bodies are increasingly identifying a valid response in environmentally sustainable and socially responsible tourism. In fact community-based and sustainable tourism, compared to mass tourism, shows different trends, often even countertrends, resulting in greater stability.

The objectives of ICEI’s action in this area are:

  • In developing countries: designing and managing projects aimed to local development, valorization of natural resources and artistic and cultural goods, fighting poverty and creating employment by community-based tourism.
  • In Italy and in Europe: investing to create the conditions for direct presence in Italian and European regions, by local development projects, valorizing natural resources and artistic and cultural goods, and creating employment by community-based tourism.
  • Contributing to reconverting the tourism industry to practices based on sustainability and social responsibility.


  • turismo responsabile

    Pilot project for the qualification of the tourism offer in a perspective of responsible tourism in the Shan State, Myanmar (AID10732)

    The aim of the project is to promote responsible tourism in the Taunggyi District through the strengthening of sector governance, awareness raising of local communities and the qualification of service offerings with a view to sustainability.

  • INCAmmino

    Economic development of rural communities in the area of the Inca Route (Qhapaq Ñan, Bolivia) through the valorization and sustainable use of natural and cultural heritage culturale, and the application of new technologies to community-based tourism icon-home Country: Bolivia Site: 11 local communities of the departments of La Paz, Oruro and

  • EPIC

    Economic Promotion of Inle Communities through cultural and natural heritage valorization

  • SriEco – Eco-sustainable Integrated Rural Development in Sri Lanka

    To contribute to the solution of social and economic problems of vulnerable rural people of Sri Lanka, enhancing the conditions for endogenous local development, in particular in the Departments of Ampara and Monaragala.

  • Pernambuco Agroecológico

    Promotion of family farming, responsible consumption and sustainable tourism in the rural communities of Northeastern regions, state of Pernambuco, Brazil

  • Bosnia i Herzegovina: a valley’s rebirth

    Integrated action of organic agriculture, sustainable tourism and socio-economic inclusion in UNA SANA Valley

  • Organic farming in Sri Lanka

    Fight to poverty through the development of organic farming in the districts of Ampara and Kandy

  • Project Olinda

    Integrated action to promote sustainable tourism as a tool for social and economic integration and valorization of land in the urban area of Olinda and the rural area of Ipojuca. Pernambuco State, Brasil.

  • Guariquén II

    Integrated project for tourist, agricultural and cultural valorization of the island of Hispaniola

  • Sustainable Urban tourism in Argentina

    Support to growth of sustainable urban tourism as a tool for development and fight against marginality and socio-economic degradation of the neighborhoods of La Boca and Barracas