ICEI’s actions are mainly aimed at achieving the following Sustainable Development objectives:

  • Stopping hunger, ensuring food security and promoting sustainable agriculture;
  • Promoting fast, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full employment and decent work;
  • Ensuring sustainable production and consumption patterns.

In particular, ICEI’s projects are concerned with:

  • Food security, by enhancing local food systems;
  • Promoting ecological trends in agriculture;
  • Supporting agricultural research, support services, small farmers associations and investments by the private sector;
  • Syntropic agriculture (SA): a new concept of agriculture that works in complete accordance with nature and allow to drastically reduce the spaces used and invert soil and water degradation and massive consuption processes (further information here)


  • S.A.C.R.A. – Agricultural Development for Resilient and Self-Reliant Communities in Zambezia

    The projects intends to contribute to strengthen the resilience capacity of vulnerable people in the South-West of Zambezia, affected by climate change phenomena, to improve and ensure the self-subsistence capacities of farmers in the districts of Morrumbala and Nicoadala within 18 months.

  • SRI-PROM – Integrated Rural Development in Sri Lanka: rice and spices from Production to Market

    The projects intends to contribute to the social and economic development of rural people in Sri Lanka, through the development of highly profitable, eco-sustainable supply chains for small farmers. In particular, the objective is to improve the supply chains of two traditional Sri Lanka crops (rice and spices), from production

  • Farming Quelimane: sustainably producing, growing and consuming

    The project will support the sustainable rural development of the Zambezia province, promoting the adoption of innovative and sustainable practices in producing, marketing and consuming farm products in three districts of Quelimane periurban area, improving the producers’ technical skills, commercial infrastructures and adding value to local productions.


    Fortalecimento para Organizações rurais REsilientes e Sistemas Territoriais Ecologicamente sustentáveis / Strengthening of the resilience of environmentally sustainable Rural Organizations and Territorial Systems

  • SRI BIZ in Italy

    Sensibilizzazione e promozione in Italia del progetto SRI-BIZ, abbinando il tema della sicurezza alimentare a quello dell'integrazione e coesione sociale.

  • ECO-ILHAS – Mozambique

    Environmental protection and biodiversity conservation in a marine-coastal protected area.

  • Sesamum

    Economic development of sustainable agriculture in Magway, Union of Myanmar

  • SriBiz – Integrated Rural Development through Social Businesses

    Technology and innovation applied to two Srilankan traditional food chains: Spices and Rice

  • SriEco – Eco-sustainable Integrated Rural Development in Sri Lanka

    To contribute to the solution of social and economic problems of vulnerable rural people of Sri Lanka, enhancing the conditions for endogenous local development, in particular in the Departments of Ampara and Monaragala.

  • Let’s seed the future!

    Let's seed the future: new learning and new knowledge for food Sovereignty