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  • mangrovieto per copertina

    Our commitment to Mozambique

    ICEI is operating in Mozambique with 4 agricultural and environmental programmes located in the province of Zambezia, in the Northern-central part of the country. Under these programmes, ICEI is implementing an innovative farming approach, the Successional Agro- forestry Systems (SAFs), based on the concepts of syntropic agriculture developed by Ernst

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  • DSCF1823

    Wasantha story

    We want to tell you about our commitment in Italy and worldwide bringing the voices of our projects' beneficiaries'. The following one is the story of Wasantha, who lives in Atala village, in Sri Lanka, where we are implementing many different projects

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  • MY1_5585

    Pa-O foresee the future

    During the identification of the local communities within the EPIC project, in Burma, one of the ethnic groups we met is the Pa-O. Around 70 thousands Pa-O live in the south-east of Asia, but the majority is located on the hills around Inle lake, in the south-west part of Shan

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  • Elezioni CoLomba - Cut

    Today CoLomba (Cooperazione Lombardia), the bigger italian solidarity entity on a regional basis, composed by more than 100 members - has completed the assembly process started last June. The new Secretary has been elected: Alfredo Somoza, President of ICEI, will be also the President of CoLomba for the next 4

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  • tagliata

    The short edition of the Antirumours Handbook in Italian is available!

    We are glad to inform you that we have published a short version of the Antirumours Handbook in Italian, translated and edited by ICEI! It is an adaptation of the ”Antirumours Handbook” (2018) conceived by Daniel De Torres Barderi, trainer and founder of the Antirumours Strategy.

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